Weight Management

Ayurveda In Weight management

Would you like to normalize your weight? Did you try out a few diets, but always loose motivation after a short time? Ayurveda offers you an approach without deprivation and fasting.

This age-old health science knows that many weight problems are caused by eating habits that do not satisfy the real needs of body, mind and soul. Therefore, it is not necessary to impose too many restrictions. Rather pay attention to the natural needs of your body and eat what is satisfying. Ayurvedic texts say that a good diet brings happiness and satisfaction.

Natural needs

In our early childhood we mostly felt quite clearly what was right for us – if our parents supported our feelings. But over the years our eating habits get increasingly influenced by media and other external sources. So it may happen that you have an appetite for some particular food without exactly knowing what you really want.

Instead of habitually taking "anything" from the cupboard or refrigerator, at such moments just hold on for a second. You may, for example, first drink a balancing warm beverage, best sip some hot water or Vata tea, and feel inside what would really satisfy you. You might be amazed about what your body tells you. Maybe you get a very different desire from the first one: Perhaps you would rather take a walk, make a visit or something like that.

Best to follow

According to Ayurveda, to eat the right thing in the right amount at the right time and in the right way, can contribute very much to a healthy, vital life and help prevent diseases. Because it supports our natural Dosha Balance which, according to Ayurveda, is the basis for health and well-ness *. Unhealthy eating habits, however, lead to imbalance of the doshas, and in return, imbalanced doshas encourage us eat even more unhealthy food.

Physio in weight management

At Physio Fitness we focus on finding the source and the cause of your problem (not just treating your symptoms) to get a full correct diagnosis and start improving your symptoms from the very first session. We have longer treatment times with 60 minute initial consults and 45 minutes follow-ups as standard. We ensure every patient receives the right amount of treatments for their pain and injury as well as not over treating. Our therapists work with you hands on in the acute stage right through to the end stage rehab phase using the latest rehab exercises with expert instruction and program planning for long term results.

Nutritional counseling

Patients engaged in cognitive behavioural therapy along with diet and exercise loses an additional weight loss compared with patients adhering only to diet and exercise. Up to one-third of obese patients achieve long-term weight loss when interventions include diet, drugs, and counseling.