Physiotherapy at Home

Wellnezzone doctor visit Solutions offers support—at homeServices include:

physiotherapy visit to:

  • Routine health monitoring
  • Medication assessment
  • Assess fall risks and improve mobility
  • Provide mobility and Assistive Devices Program (ADP) assessments
  • Promote health, reduce pain and prevent injury
  • Teach caregivers how to safely lift and transfer
  • Suggest therapeutic exercises for recovery from surgery, illness or injury
  • Perform chest physiotherapy
  • Perform chest physiotherapy

Assess ergonomics and return-to work suitability

Occupational Therapy to:

  • Assess and treat developmental delays and fine motor problems
  • Teach sensory and motor skill techniques
  • Teach strategies to manage daily activities after illness or disability
  • Support palliative care clients and their families
  • Assess clients for return-to-work suitability
  • Offer strategies to manage anxiety and depression

Speech-Language Pathology that:

  • Treats language and speech difficulties
  • Assesses and treats swallowing and feeding problems

Dietetics to:

  • Assess and optimize diet and nutritional needs for individuals with:
  • Complex and chronic swallowing difficulties
  • Manage chronic conditions resulting in excessive weight loss/gain
  • Manage blood glucose levels for those with diabetes

Social Work Services that:

  • Help clients access government and community supports
  • Help clients and their families deal with difficult social and emotional issues

All of our rehabilitation service providers are regulated health-care professionals and adhere to the highest standards of client care.

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