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We are providing Medical Devices and Equipment for the purposes of helping Health Care Providers
for diagnosis and treatment of the patients. We helping patients overcome from disease and sickness, to improving their Quality of Life.

9F-5AW Oxygen Concentrator

1. It is a medical device used for all patients who are having respiratory disorders & lung diseases
2. It will produce Max amt of Oxygen to patients
3. Compact & easily assist breathing.

402C Ultrasonic Nebulizer

1. Dispersing a liquid into lungs as patient inhales through nebulizer.
2. To relieve respiratory insufficiency due to broncho spasm.
3. To liquify and remove retained thick secretions.
4. Reduce inflammatory and allergic responses of airway passages.
5. Portable and easy to use and fast response.

Air - Compressing Nubulizer

1. Used for patient who is having respiratory problems.
2. Dispersing liquid into form of mist to the respiratory passage.
3. Portable and easy to use.
4. To liquify and remove retained thick secretions.

Breath-Wear Mask Series

1. It delivers O2 required by patients.
2. O2 concentration achieved by the delivery device.
3. Easy to use.
4. Well tolerated and comfortable for long period.

Full Face Mask

1. Provide patient comfort.
2. Less likely to result in pressure on the eyes.
3. Help to maintain an open airway in unconscious patient.
4. Better tolerated than an oral airway.


1. It’s a mobility aid for human who can’t use our legs to lift our body weight.
2. It’s used for short term injuries to lifelong.
3. Provide good support to lift our body.

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Electric Suction

1. Used for patient with respiratory problems.
2. It pumps out blooded fluid,mucus or blood from the airway passage.
3. Lightweight and portable.
4. It assist with adjustable vacuum pressure for children and elder people.

Oxygen Concentrator

1. Low oxygen saturation while sleeping.
2. Shortness of breath.
3. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.
4. Low blood oxygen levels.
5. Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis.

Portable Phlegm Suction Unit

1. Used for patient with respiratory problems.
2. Oil free lubrication pump.
3. It absorbs thick fluid or phlegm from the airway passage.
4. lightweight and portable

Restfull Sleep

1. Used for patient who is having truble sleep
2. Applied to the airways of a spontaneously breathing patient
3. It increase oxygenation and wash out co2

Digital BP Monitor with Voice Broadcast

1. You are able to immediately send and schedule any medical appointment reminders that you have.
2. Communicate efficiently with your patients and save time on multiple monotonous administrative duties.


1. Having a walker to rely on immediately adds to the safety of your walks.
2. Many people use a walker as a precaution.
3. They help you stay active and mobile.
4. Walkers give you the ability to take a rest if needed.

Buy Medical Devices and Equipment

Buy Medical Devices and Equipment