What is physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is a rehabilitation specialty which deals with pain management, restoring and maintaining of functional movements using wide range of therapeutic exercise protocol, manual therapy, electrotherapy, education and advice.

Who can provide physiotherapy?

PT's are rehabilitation professionals who evaluate physical problems and injuries, provide a complete treatment plan, education and advice to promote health and function.

Do I need a doctor referral?

No you don't need a doctor's referral.

Why should I see a physiotherapist?

Pain like neck, low back, joints etc
Sports injuries like sprain and strain
Neurological conditions like stroke, spinal cord injuries, head injuries, parkinson's disease etc.
Chronic pain
Jaw problems
Post operative pain and stiffness
Work related pain and injuries.
Pre and post natal education and conditioning.

What should I expect on my first visit?

A complete documentation and examination of your pain or condition by our physiotherapist. A treatment plan based on the assessment would be recommended. Proper explanation of the procedures explained and ask for your consent.

How long will my treatment take?

First day would take an hour or more for the examination and documentation, but consecutive sessions depends on the treatment plan which will be clarified by the therapist.

What does a session cost me?

You can call our centre reception for current rates and service rates. Proper invoicing and billing will be undertaken.

Is there any side effect for physiotherapy treatment?

Physiotherapy uses only proven and therapeutic currents which are applied externally and are very safe. Exercise protocols are also scientifically designed and done by highly experienced physical therapists.

What is included in physiotherapy?

Treatment plan by any physical therapist includes electrotherapy, exercise therapy, manual therapy, rehabilitation, conditioning etc.

Is the treatment painful?

Mostly physiotherapy treatments are hands on techniques often included with modalities like IFT, US, and SWD. The main concern of any physiotherapist is pain relief. But in some selective cases like joint stiffness are accompanied with certain amount of pain. Proper awareness and education will be provided before dealing with such cases.