Thiru M Daniel
Founder & Chairman
Wellnezzone is a Healthcare at home and community-based service company by Ethix Health Care. Wellnezzone believes in absolute client satisfaction, and it is our conviction that Top-Quality Health Care will be guiding principle and cornerstone of Wellnezzone.

Wellnezzone is owned by Ethix Health care and operated by efficient medical professionals who understand the importance of client’s health and privacy. We get satisfaction from serving patients in their home, making their recovery or retirement worthwhile through the home health care services we provide. We consider the health care industry to be a great avenue to deliver care and to contribute to the community.


To provide a full range of cost-effective and quality-focused home health care services to our clients. We aim to lengthen our history through successful case management and personalized delivery of home health care.


Wellnezzone believes that home health care should be offered and made available to everyone who is in need of medical attention. Getting access to home health care should not be limited to select individuals but should be open to all regardless of race, color, personal circumstances, financial capacity, handicap, religion or national origin. With this, our home health care company is a provider of affordable, accessible and efficient services.


The goal of Wellnezzone is to assist patients in their homes enabling them to live a safe, healthy and well-balanced lifestyle. We also focus on retaining the highest level of independence that patients want to keep. Where they need support, our care team will be ready to respond with diligence and a sense of urgency.

Services (Medical and non-medical) are provided by a registered nurses and certified nursing assistants consistent with the personalized treatment plan established with the physician.

1. Skilled Nursing

Our registered and licensed practical nurses will observe each new client to assess individual care needs, and then work with the family to carry out a physician’s plan of care. Skilled nurses also help teach families about medication management, home safety and other issues to encourage independence.

2. Home health and Personal care aide

Home health and personal care aides are trained Home Care are trained to recognize developmental milestones and the value of therapeutic play. They can perform tasks to help with daily living, such as bathing, dressing and toiletry needs, as well as assist with medication, meal preparation and laundry.

3. Respite Care

Raising a child with a chronic illness or disability can present many challenges and there may come a point that you need some time away from being a caregiver. Respite care is an essential part of the overall support that families may need to keep their child with a disability or chronic illness at home.

4. Rehabilitative Therapies

Every client receives a comprehensive assessment to develop individualized treatment plans that will support the family in reaching their maximum milestones. Therapy treatment plans can include physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech/ language therapy.

5. Well Mom and Baby Visits

Mothers are given lots of information during their hospital stay on how to take care of a new baby, but when you get home, you may find that you need a little help. Wellnezzone Home Care offers well mom and baby visits to make sure you and your baby are adjusting to being home.

6. Corporate wellness programs and workshops

Wellnezzone organizes health and physical fitness workshops for corporates to break their monotony and educate to keep themselves fit. Zumba, health talks, personality development classes, etc.