Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for Wellnezzone


Wellnezzone is a chain of Wellness centers exclusively for pain management and fitness which offers a wide range of world class services for Musculoskeletal, Neuro Rehabilitation, Special clinics for shoulder, knee and spine, obesity and fitness, and Gait assessment and training by professionally trained physiotherapists. Wellnezzone was an initiative of Ethix Health care in order to provide high quality physical therapy professional services to the society to promote optimal health and function in individuals and populations by pursuing excellence in practice.

The day-to-day operations conducted in the center are broadly split into clinical and administrative operations.

2. The main roles of Wellnezzone Centers

  • To provide effective services to the targeted people for pain management
  • To assess, diagnose and treat efficiently where ever necessary.
  • To create awareness to the society for the importance of physical therapy and its effects in pain and fitness management.
  • To encounter proper follow up strategies and track the prognosis.

2.1 Management

To attract people to seek appropriate pain management by Wellnezone centers. The center should be welcoming and accessible.

2.2 Functional Structure of Wellnezzone

  • Waiting or reception area with enough seating for the expected number of patients
  • Consultation Room should be a separate area with examination table
  • Electrotherapy Room exclusively for modalities like Laser, SWD etc. should be spacious in order to accommodate atleast two patients simultaneously.
  • Exercise Therapy room to teach and train patients with exercises and follow up.

2.3 Clinic staffing

Every clinic should be adequately staffed to perform the functions like clinic administration, Patient receiving and examination, treatment planning, documentation and reporting.

2.4 Role and Responsibility

  • To do all promotional activities in a routine basis as and when needed in order to increase the profitability of the center.
  • To involve completely in the promotional activities to improve the profitability of the center.
  • To involve completely in the promotional activities to improve the profitability of the center.
  • To involve completely in the promotional activities to improve the profitability of the center.
  • To provide proper counseling, follow up and awareness to the patients visiting the clinic.
  • To ensure that the clinic set up (electricity, water, house-keeping) is appropriate and support the center’s functioning.
  • To determine and maintain work routines of the center staffs.
  • To determine and maintain work routines of the center staffs.
  • To determine and maintain work routines of the center staffs.
  • To determine and maintain work routines of the center staffs.

2.5 Universal precautions

In order to avoid any kind of cross infection to the patients or to the healthcare provider certain precautions has to be undertaken.

  • Hand washing
  • Using gloves where and when required
  • Safe handling of the electrical equipments.
  • Safe disposal of waste
  • Before receiving a female patient proper explanation to be given about the treatment and get the consent prior.

2.6 Medication and Consumables

All centers should have the current supply of the essential products and consumables used for the patients. Stock maintenance should be done every week and all purchases to be billed properly.

2.7 Clinical Equipment

All the equipments in the center should be in working condition at any point. The basic equipments available in the center is as listed below.

  • Ultrasound therapy unit
  • Interferential therapy unit
  • TENS, Ultrareiz, didynamic currents unit
  • Electronic traction unit
  • Shortwave Diathermy
  • Wax bath unit with wax
  • Shoulder wheel
  • Over head pulley
  • Traction Table unit
  • Digi Laser unit
  • BP apparatus
  • Glucometer
  • Examination cot

2.8 Daily Activities and Service Standards

For the effective flow of patients in the center, it is very important for the physiotherapist to go with a set process as mentioned below.

  • Patient history taking
  • Clinical examination
  • Treatment guidelines
  • Information, education and counseling
  • Follow up consultation

Services Standards

  • Each patient visiting will be attended to within 30 minutes after arrival.
  • Every patient will be assessed thoroughly on the first day of assessment. The same will be document electronically and manually on the same day.
  • Patients should be treated in the specially assigned areas for treatment of Musculoskeletal, and Neuromuscular conditions.
  • Plan of treatment will be designed by the therapist with extreme clinical reasoning and considering the current physical levels, prior levels and their goals from physiotherapy.
  • Goals, short term and long term, will be set for each patient. These goals will be documented at the time of initial visit. Thereafter, each patient will be reassessed every 30 days to assess their achievement goals.

3. Data Management

3.1 Filing and standard medical history

A proper and clear data of each and every patient should be collected and filled in one place. No information should be lost or missed.

3.2 Data Base

The Center head should have a clear data base of all the patients visiting the center in a excel format.

3.3 Reporting

  • Good reporting practices to be followed by the center head and other staff in the center.
  • Everyday activities should be reported to the operations head and the managing director.
  • Reporting should be in a corporate format as instructed. This report should start from the attendance of all the staff, activities, patients visits.

4. Capacity building

Strengthening the capacity of the Wellnezzone staff is identified as a priority for improving the quality and effectiveness of the center.
Initial training for the physiotherapists and the staff will be provided as and when recruited.
Refresher training will be given every 3 months

4.1 Performance Review

Peformance review of each therapist will be done on quarterly basis to assess their performance. The performance is assessed by the below given parameters.

  • Self review
  • Review by the team leader or the HOD.
  • Based on the Key Result Areas (KRA) provided to each therapist on their joining.

The Team leader or the HOD is assessed based on the level of the achievement of the goals (Completely met, partially met, etc).

4.2 Employee Productivity

Each therapist and other staff are expected to adhere to strict productivity laid by the top management, Wellnezone endeavours to assess the productivity of each employee on the basis of daily activities. Productivity is calculated as a percentage of the official work hours of each therapist.

Key Result Areas for a physiotherapist cum Center head

Position Purpose:- The physiotherapist is responsible for patient assessments, development planning, quality physiotherapy interventions and evaluation of patient/progress.

  • Expression of Ethix health care:- Work with commitment to Ethix health care. Works collaboratively with all the members in the center and the company in the provision of health care. Ensures patient confidentiality and privacy.
  • Clinical Care and Innovation:- To deliver high standards of physiotherapy clinical care for all ages with a broad range of conditions. Adopts timely report writing strategies for documentation of therapy input, treatment planning and reports the same to the HOD.
  • Clinical leadership and Management:- To actively contribute to the development of the rehabilitation services and to a positive and supportive work environment.
  • Continuous Improvement and Risk management:- To ensure all work practices pomote high quality patient care an incorporate safe practice and risk management principles.
  • Professional Development:- To be up to date with current clinical knowledge through continuing professional development activities and participation in performance reviews.