Wellnezzone a chain of physiotherapy and rehabilitation center a group of Ethix health care has started its first center in Trichy. Wellnezzone is a complete and comprehensive wellness center which focuses on pain and rehabilitation of all ages from Pediatrics to geriatrics.

The vision of Wellnezzone is to establish and expand one of its kind wellness centers across the nation with multidisciplinary approach to pain management and rehabilitation and fitness.

The Mission is to demonstrate our commitment by engaging in education, advancing our professional and acting as a healthcare resource to our community. Cater to all pain related issues, general fitness and wellness using world class advanced techniques and services under one roof by our extremely experienced and trained therapists.

Wellnezzone, Trichy concentrates on Musculoskeletal pain, post operative rehabilitation, sports injuries and back to field, women's health, pediatric rehabilitation, geriatric care, postural re-education and many more.

Wellnezzone, Trichy is equipped with physical agents required to treat pain conditions like Laser, Ultrasound, IFT etc. All the physical agents are extremely comfortable and with Nil sideeffects. We provide one on one consultation and therapy depending on the individual requirement of the patient. Physiotherapy has always been an inexpensive way of treatment with no complications and sideeffects, which can prevent and cure many ailments.