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At your first appointment with wellnezzone, our professionally well trained physiotherapist will carry out an in depth assessment of your symptoms to reach the root cause of the problem and diagnose quickly and efficiently so that the appropriate treatment can be concluded. You will be kept informed at all times about the management and progress of your health condition. In case of pain management, initially prioritizing the treatment towards pain relief is important. Physiotherapist will work on the painful structure using treatments such as electro-therapy equipment, joint mobilization, and exercises to get rid of the pain. Physiotherapist will also work on neighboring structures to help restore normal movement patterns and will advise on how to reduce painful structures to help guarantee a quicker recovery. [Note: For pregnant females, exercises are planned according to the month of pregnancy and woman’s physical condition]. Wellnezzone will be beneficial at the first sign of a problem and can stop a minor niggles developing into a major problem which leaves you unable to carry out normal daily activities work and sport.
Interferential therapy

Two high frequency currents which are slightly out of phase with each other is administered to the affected part by physiotherapists.

These currents are therapeutic and very much comfortable and has no side effects as such. IFT as it is commonly called is more effective for pain relief, relaxation, fluid drainage and reversing inflammation.

Ultrasound therapy

Ultrasonic waves applied via a probe or head placed in direct contact with the skin coupled by a gel for transmission.

Ultrasound has proven results for maximizing healing, local blood flow, relaxation and scar tissue breakdown. This is more useful in early stages of tissue damage where it interferes with the healing process.

Laser therapy

Laser is an advanced form of therapy where and intense beam of light is used with a specific wavelength to reduce pain and induce healing.

Therapeutic laser in contrast to surgical laser penetrates gently into the skin without breaking the skin or causing any discomfort.

Spinal traction

Is a form of decompression therapy where a mechanical pull is applied directly to the vertebral column by a motorized device in order to release the pressure in the surrounding nerves and soft tissues there by reducing pain and discomfort.

Common mode of treatment for neck and back pain where there is a disc bulge or nerve compression which interferes with their daily activities.

Manual Therapy and Kinesiotaping

These are advanced hand on techniques used for various acute and chronic pain conditions. These are performed along with the conventional treatment for a more long lasting and quicker prognosis.